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What is a loose needle?

A bearing needle, also known as a roller by size, is a small cylindrical roller used in needle bearings to reduce friction between rotating components. These needles have a higher load capacity than other types of rolling elements and are commonly used in automotive and industrial applications. In needle and/or roller bearings, the needles are arranged in a needle cage and rotate at high speeds, allowing smooth and efficient operation. Overall, these products play a vital role in reducing friction and improving the overall performance of various machines and equipment.

What are the different types of loose needles?

We offer you two different needle profiles which are

  • NRA: Needles of this type have a domed head.
  • NRB: The needles of this type have a flat head.

For both profiles, the needles are produced mainly from UNI 100Cr6 bearing steel. This material provides high resistance to fatigue, adhesive wear and abrasive wear.

How to choose your needle ?

In order to determine the needle you need, it is necessary to know the profile of the needle you need as well as its dimensions. For this product, the dimensions required are the external diameter of the needle and its length.

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